Methoxyflurane Training

Methoxyflurane Training

“The Green Whistle”

Methoxyflurane Training

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Do your staff have the ability to provide pain relief?

If not, why not?

With appropriate training delivered by Shield, your teachers and staff can safely carry and administer pain relief in the event of an injury, such as a broken bone.

Methoxyflurane is a safe, inhaled gas that provides quick analgesia to patients until an ambulance arrives.

Talk to us today to learn more about carrying and administering the Green Whistle.

Did you know we can train your staff to safely administer pain relief in the event of an emergency?

Talk to us today about PUAEME005 Provide Pain Management and click the link below to find out more information!


Methoxyflurane Training


High Quality Training Saves Lives

We are committed to saving lives.

We are Shield Training, and we ensure that every single person who attends our First Aid training courses can confidently deal with an emergency. We want to help you save lives. Shield Training’s educators are on road Paramedics, and deal with life threatening emergencies every day. We rely on our emergency medical experience to deliver the highest quality training, and our focus is empowering the community to help save lives.

DID YOU KNOW: The average ambulance response time in NSW is over 11.4 minutes. In an emergency, would you know what to do before the ambulance arrives?

Methoxyflurane Training

A Veteran owned and operated business

Discounts apply for all Emergency Services, Military Veterans and ADF Personnel. Always have, always will.

Training and assessment delivered on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd – RTO 90909

“Just attended the Newborn and Child First Aid. Evan and Mike were great, very informative and all questions were answered too. We have learnt a lot in those 2 hours.
Even my 7 year old learnt something and gave CPR a try ! thank you guys”

Tereza E

“Passionate about the subject matter and very effective at making the information easy to digest”

Matt R

“I have done many training courses and this is definitely one of the best I have done. Michael and Chantel kept everything very engaging and created an enjoyable learning experience. I highly recommend these guys as you learn from the people actually doing this every day”

Elliott L

“Great training session from experienced paramedics. Was great to have them give us insight from real experiences and taylor the training to the more relevant situations we would come across as electricians.
Highly recommended!”

Luke C

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