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About Us

About Us

Shield Training was started by a group of Paramedics and former military personnel who noticed a lack of quality first aid training in the community. In Australia, over 33,000 people suffer cardiac arrest each year. Australia has an extremely poor survival rate for Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests with on average, only a 9% survival rate.

Early defibrillation increases survival rates by a whopping 70%. Unfortunately there are few Australians who have the skills to save a life. High quality first aid training and early access to defibrillators will increase our survival rates.

That is where we come in.

About Us

How are we different from other First Aid providers?

We know emergencies better than other First Aid providers – we are not merely trainers, we are all serving Paramedics who save lives every day. We are passionate about ensuring that First Aid training standards are high and deliver the result you could need at any time. We don’t merely follow a syllabus; we teach you real life, practical first aid to ensure your qualification/accreditation is more than a piece of paper.

Ensure that this year, you learn a skill that can save you, your child’s or a stranger on the street’s life.

As ex ADF personnel, we are strong supporters of Veteran employment. If you are a veteran, please drop us a line and introduce yourself and see if we can help you and your employment beyond the military.

We offer discounts for all emergency service and ex ADF personnel. Always have, always will.

“You are so much more thorough than any other first aid course we have done – so much more than a tick in a box”

We go beyond standard first aid training

Real world experience from those with pre-hospital emergency and critical care experience

Australians need to be better at first aid

Don’t settle for the minimum

About Us

A Veteran owned and operated business

Discounts apply for all Emergency Services, Military Veterans and ADF Personnel. Always have, always will.

Training and assessment delivered on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd – RTO 90909

About Us


Evan is an Intensive Care Specialist Paramedic and has been working on road for over 15 years. He has degrees in Paramedicine and Nursing, along with post Graduate qualifications in Intensive Care and Critical Care emergency medicine.



Chantel is an Extended Care Specialist Paramedic and has been on road as a Paramedic for 6 years. She has degrees in Paramedicine and Exercise Science, and spent years working in the sporting industry prior to becoming a Paramedic.

About Us
About Us


Brett is an Intensive Care Specialist Paramedic based in Sydney. He is a former member of the Royal Australian Navy, serving for 7 years before becoming a Paramedic. Brett has been a paramedic for over 12 years.



Dom is an Intensive Care Specialist Paramedic and has been a Paramedic for over 23 years. He has worked in rural, remote and metro regions including Broken Hill, Bourke and Sydney CBD. He also has a degree in Sports science and tutors new Paramedics through university.

About Us
About Us


Paul is an Intensive Care Specialist Paramedic based in Sydney. He has been a Paramedic for over 10 years, and regularly mentors’ students and new Paramedics.


Mike & Loki

Mike is a former member of the Australian Army, serving with the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR) before becoming a Paramedic. He has been an on-road Paramedic for 6 years.

Loki is a former Military Working Dog, serving as an Explosive Detection Dog (EDD-Army) in Iraq. He is now retired, and lives with Mike and his family. Loki is a very friendly goofball who attends some of our training sessions. We find having a dog with us on courses can soften some of the more uncomfortable topics that we cover. Please let us know if you would like him to attend!

About Us