Provide Pain Management



Provide Pain Management

This course will allow you to develop skills and knowledge and most importantly, confidence, to administer restricted analgesic to provide pain management as part of a medically supervised first responder organisation. It includes identifying the need for analgesia, accessing, preparing and administering restricted pain relief such as analgesics and aspirin according to medically endorsed protocols, performing casualty handovers and completing analgesic use requirements.

Providing pain management requires instruction and practical training. This is especially true where it relates to storing, accessing, preparing and administering restricted analgesic drugs. As with any training, it is more useful if training occurs before being confronted with an actual real-life situation.

Licensing requirements for the storage and administration of drugs may apply depending on the organisation, type of drug, state/territory, etc.


  • Refresher minimum duration – 240 minutes
  • Blended minimum duration – N/A
  • Face-to-face minimum duration – 300 minutes
  • Online with face-to-face minimum duration – 30 minutes
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